Mercedes Ross

Mercedes Ross is the fearless Executive Director of Project Bike Tech. A passion for inspiring the youth of today combined with her love of the bicycle industry, led her to spark the education system to accept PBT as mainstream education in high schools.  Mercedes is a veteran of the bicycle industry and was a leading merchandising force, pioneering the “Concept Shop” platform in the early 90’s and has become a known expert in the field over the 30 years she has been in the business. Recently being voted as one of the top 50 Influential Business Women in the bike industry lends credibility to what she brings to the table.

Mercedes has also worked in many industries: skiing, outdoor, motorcycle, scuba, craft brewing as well as having owned a motorcycle retail store for 15 years. As an established industry leader, she gives sales team training seminars and has been a lead speaker in both the bicycle and motorcycle industries at their national trade shows. Mercedes has given seminars internationally and speaks fluent German. She is a published column writer for industry magazines and has been involved in five of them.